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Supporting Your Loved One Through Recovery From an Eating Disorder

Do your friends and family just not get it? You want to recover but they just keep doing and saying all of the wrong things? Their "support" unintentionally sets you back? 

Or maybe your loved one is struggling with an eating disorder. You want to help but you're unsure how. Nothing you do seems to make a difference. You're overwhelmed and wishing there was a manual for this. 

An Educational Workshop for Friends and Family


People who have recovered from eating disorders often cite being loved, believed

in, and not given up on as crucial factors in their getting help and getting well.

Join Lauren Ball LCSW, LCADC  and Kristie Tovar MS, RDN, CEDRD for an in depth workshop that will help you effectively and appropriately support your loved one through their recovery process. 

This educational workshop is available worldwide!


During this empowering 2 part series you will:

  • Demystify the inner workings of the eating disorder mind

  • Defuse difficult conversations surrounding food, weight, exercise and body image

  • Provide practical support around meals and exercise

  • Navigate difficult conversations in recovery

  • Respond appropriately to the age old question "Do I look fat in this?"

  • Be able to identify the signs and symptoms of an eating disorder

  • Understand the underlying causes of disordered eating

  • Be able to appropriately advocate for your loved one's health

  • Know the difference between fact and myth in regards to diet, weight and exercise

  • Understand the effects of diet culture on your loved one

  • Assist your loved one in forming a powerful treatment team

  • Understand the goals and objectives of intuitive eating

  • Reclaim time wasted on power struggles and meltdowns

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