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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

Let me guess, someone told you about this wacky EMDR thing that is supposed to wash all your troubles away. They tried to explain it and they did a terrible job? What the heck is EMDR anyway?


That's a great question and one that is tough to answer without fully expereincing it. But let me try!

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Magic Meets Science!

EMDR operates under the assumption, the distress that we experience comes from conscious or subconscious memories which have been stored in the mind.


Through bilateral stimulation, a person is a able to access these memories and reprocesses them in a way that allows the memory to become neutral, and sometimes even powerfully positive. Yup, even THAT memory. There is no memory too big or too small for EMDR. A single memory can be reprocessed in as little as 1 session and the benefits can last forever! (Don't get too excited, it's not always that easy)

EMDR is NOT talk therapy. EMDR isn't education or a series of coping skills. It does not require you to complete workbooks or abide by a set of spiritual principals. You will not be asked to re-hash the nitty gritty details of the event that is plaguing you.  EMDR simply helps you dissolve the mental block that has kept your mind from healing itself. Once that occurs, behavior change becomes much easier and sometimes effortless. Triggers become less triggering and overreactions turn into average responses. 


Not only is EMDR highly effective but it is one of the most efficient treatments for trauma. EMDR has also proven effective in treating depression, anxiety, grief, PTSD, nightmares, negative self talk, and obsessions. The EMDR Institute webpage sites multiple studies showing unheard of success rates. In 4 of the studies sited, participants no longer met criteria for a PTSD diagnosis after only 3-7 treatment sessions (EMDR Institute). 


EMDR looks a little crazy and sounds even crazier when explained. I'll let you check out the EMDR website for an in depth explanation. I'll drop a video here too. Luckily, you don't need to understand how it works in order to reap the benefits.

Ready to see if EMDR is right for you?

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