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A few years ago, I reached my big goal of having several letters after my name and woke up the next day only to realize my cereal still tasted the same. I still opened my garage door that morning and got on my bike, I still laced up my chucks before work, I still blasted country music in my Ford F150 4x4 with the windows down.

Turns out, aside from HIPPAA compliance and a strong dedication to ethical standards, the business me and the real me aren’t very different. I’m a pretty casual girl. I’ve got a creative side which tends to leak into my therapeutic work. I walk my dogs at sunrise. I often have headphones in my ears, listening to motivational speeches and random podcasts that feed my inner existential alchemist. I enjoy cycling, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding and long walks in abandoned places.


In the evening you can find me laying on my floor in the dark surrounded by fairy lights with my legs up the wall. Stretching, scrolling TikTok with the best of ‘em. My favorite smell is lavender, my favorite food is acai with extra granola and honey. My vice is a 56lb American Staffordshire Terrier named Nala.

Last but never least, I've got an insatiable passion for eating disorder recovery and helping humans transform their trauma to triumph. 


I’ve learned in life, there are rarely straight answers, but if and when there are straight answers, I’ll be the first to give them to you. 

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