Parts and Memory 

Image by Anita Jankovic

Parts and Memory Therapy (PMT) is an intervention that stems from the idea that all of your current behaviors, emotions, beliefs, and sensations are a byproduct of all events (significant or not) that have occurred in your life up until this very moment.


With PMT you will be guided to divide yourself into various sub personalities based on your memories (sounds a little crazy, and it is). For example, the binge eating part, the perfectionist part, the anxious part, etc. Each "part" of the self can then be addressed individually. For instance, the part of you that wants to quit and the part of you that continues addictive behavior anyway. The part that wants to quit is the one that shows up in my office. That part is great. Technically, that part doesn't even need therapy (this may be why you've completed treatment prior and relapsed immediately after). In order to maintain sobriety we need to speak with, and negotiate with, the part of you that uses anyway. 

With PMT a person heals through revisiting their past, forming a working relationship with the parts of themselves involved in current negative emotions or behaviors, and neutralizing associated painful memories so they no longer cause disturbance in everyday functioning. Neutralized memories are never forgotten, nor should they be, as they are an important part of who you are today. Instead, the memories just won't bother you or cause unwanted sensations, emotions or behaviors.