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Do you find that a substance continues to sneak its way into your life despite all of your best intentions? Maybe it's drugs or alcohol, maybe it's gambling or Television? Do you want to change, but others don't believe you because, let's face it, your words aren't matching up with your behaviors? Maybe you don't even believe yourself?

On the outside.... You're a hard worker. You appear strong, confident and well put together. Charming even. Little do they know, you're racked with guilt and shame about your secrets. You've lost control. Or better yet, you've convinced yourself you still have control, yet you are simply not utilizing it.


Just. One. More. 


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Prescription Drugs

Maybe you even know how to refrain, you know the 12 steps like the back of your hand, you've been to the meetings, you've read the books, you've even done treatment before. It's just that whole implementing it part... Long term. That's where it gets tough. 

Or perhaps this is your first attempt, and so far all is going pretty well, but you can just smell relapse lurking around the corner. How do you handle holidays without it? How do you sleep? How do you tolerate your mother in law? And don't even get me started on feelings.... Is this just what life is now? B. O. R. I. N. G. 

Let's face it. It's easier to stay away from your vice when life is peaches and cream. Throw in a couple bad days and things get rough. 

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Speaking of bad days, I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest your inability to stop really doesn't have anything to do with the actual thing you can't stay away from. I imagine you didn't wake up one day and choose this? No. You didn't. Clearly, there is something deeper going on. Often times that something deeper is what we therapists refer to as trauma (just a fancy word for any sort of physical or emotional harm you've experienced). Don't worry, I can help you with that too. 

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Wherever you are in your recovery journey, the good news is, there's a solution and I'm here to help you find it. As a licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor, I specialize in helping people break free from addictive behavior with interventions that work quickly (even when other interventions have failed).